Welcome to the INFORM Benchmark survey!  
 The INFORM Benchmark Survey will help you assess the effectiveness of your information assurance program, and benchmark your risk and operational efficiency posture against your peers. This is a vendor-neutral survey that covers regulatory and operational risk, incident likelihood, and the current effectiveness of your process and technology programs.  
 The survey is based on ISO 17799 and ISO 20000 (ITIL). Questions are multiple-choice, with descriptive text available by rolling over the question marks. Choose the answer that best reflects your organization at the present time. The survey takes only a few minutes to complete, and your data is kept completely confidential.  
 Based on your responses you will receive a report capturing a snapshot of your organization's risk and operational efficiency posture, complete with suggested practices for improvement, as well as a peer comparison with other survey participants.  
 The information given by you in this questionnaire will be used to produce an anonymized report that will benchmark you against peers in your industry. The information collected in this survey will be anonymised and therefore not be attributed to any individual or company. The benchmark report will be only shared between the participants of this survey. Threat data collected is new data that will be analyzed as a part of the next version of the Symantec IT Risk Management Report. By submitting your completed survey you understand and agree that your data is being used for the purpose of the benchmark report and is being made accessible in an anonymized form to your peers.  
 Please see  terms and conditions.   
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